Maya Kala

We are Food Chasers!

Dr. Maya Johnstone and Dr. Kala Johnstone are respected authors and former school principals. They have recently added "restaurant owners" to their resumes. Approximately,  13 years ago Maya and Kala created a restaurant menu and dreamed out loud about owning a restaurant one day. They placed the menu on Kala's bedroom wall and decided to pursue other goals.

Eight years ago after the convincing of family and friends, they started a social media account, FoodChasers to feature great food they found while traveling.  While chasing food from around the world, they began to post their homemade dishes to their Instagram account. Many of their followers began to request their catering services. Thus, the idea of FoodChasers' Kitchen was born. After serving in the School District of Philadelphia for twenty years, they decided to take a "leap of faith" and chase their dream of owning a restaurant.  

In addition to the core function of supplying food, there will be a philanthropic arm to the business. FoodChasers' Kitchen intends to partner with inner-city schools to provide funding for therapeutic calming spaces for students and teachers, offer book scholarships to graduating seniors, sponsor class trips, and several other charitable projects that will provide donations to school staff and students.